Muses Code JS Brisbane

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Photo Credit Muses JS Muses run JavaScript and Node.js workshops for women, non-binary and trans folk around Australia. I’d mentored a bunch of different events, but I hadn’t made it to this one yet. Today that changed – and I … Continued

I’m In … SheEO

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Over my career, I’ve tried to engage, share and help the community. Originally, it was more in the technical community or the upcoming technical community. More recently I’ve tried to broaden that as I’ve been involved with wildlife care and … Continued

Day 11–13 Halong Bay

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We wandered around Halong this morning – in search of coffee and to stretch our legs before our boat journey. There’s a heap of construction so the area will look very different in a few years time. We walked to … Continued

Day 7–Asian Turtle Program

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This morning was a similar routine of feed in the morning, I feed 2nd shift while John helps repair cages. \ It’s really humid today and we’re just dripping. There’s a new volunteer/researcher arrived and he’s staying for 6 months. … Continued

Day 5–Van Long

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Usual morning of feeding and clearing today. Had a slight miscommunication for the next session so we wandered around to grab some more pics.   The babies are always so full of energy and inquisitive. While the adults are happy … Continued