I’m In ….. SheEO Year 2

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I happened upon SheEO earlier in the year and signed up as a first year Activator in Australia. It sounded novel and much of the message resonated with me and what I’d seen in a lot of our local community. I’ve recently re-Activated for Australia Year 2.


The other day I placed and order that included a return package. When it arrived, i was reminded of one of the reasons I was attracted to this concept in the first place.


The return packaging was from Better Packaging Co – which is a home compostable mailing package. As someone who gets quite a few packages and has mail gilt – I love that this is compostable. It’s one of the New Zealand Ventures rather than the Australian ones but there’s something about seeing it that makes you realise in some small way you’re helping these companies change the world.


I’ve been to a few of the Circular Economy Futures Meetups this year – MC’d by Yasmin from SheEO Venture World’s Biggest Garage Sale.


There’s been some inspiring speakers including SheEO Venture Envorinex – who recycles a massive amount of plastic in Tasmania.

Let’s not forget seeing many of the other Australian ventures appearing in the news throughout the year. e.g.:


GoGo Eventshttps://www.adelaidereview.com.au/latest/business/2016/11/10/gogo-events-aims-change-way-business/