50 Shades of Grey– Ethics In A World of Ever-Growing AI

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Back in March last year, my friend James challenged me to the AI Ethics challenge. While I intended to write a blog post and had lots of ideas I decided I’d fulfil the challenge with a talk instead.

50 Shades of Grey–Ethics In A World of Ever-Growing AI

It is the best of times, and the worst of times. We are in an age where technologists can use their skills to make amazing, positive impacts on people’s lives. With these seemingly boundless possibilities also allows us to slide into a slippery slope where the same technology can be used to harm.

In this session Bronwen will cover areas of technology that can be used to help or hinder and question the increasing use of AI to bring these abilities into the hands of everyday people. She does not hold the right answers to these questions, instead wants to foster open discussion and questions on our responsibility as ethical technologists to help drive the use of technology for good.

First cab off the rank for the Brisbane Azure User Group on the 11th July.


Followed by the Brisbane .Net User Group on the 16th July.

.net user group

We had some really great discussions around the trolley problem, voice synths etc.

A few people asked about some of the sites I’d link to so here they are.

The book I’ve been reading is

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism


If you’re after an overview of all the different types of ethics (we only discussed 3 of them briefly) this site is really good : https://plato.stanford.edu

If you’re interested in having input or checking out where Australia is at with Ethics: Australia’s AI Ethics Framework

If you wanted to know about Genetics Discrimination in Australian Insurance : Australia: Genetics Discrimination in Insurance