We’re speaking at Remix in Melbourne 2010


We’re fortunate enough to be presenting at this year’s Remix in Melbourne. This year it’s a 2 day event with lots of great speakers so should be an awesome event.  The abstract for our talk this year is:

Mash in and Mash up with Bing Maps Silverlight

Explore the latest in Silverlight innovation with Bing Maps, birdseye, streetside, WorldWide telescope and Photosynth. Learn how to mash up you data into the seamless spatial canvas and discover how Twitter, Flickr, foursquare and more are mashed into Bing.

The agenda, session details and speaker info is up on the Remix site and early Bird pricing is still on so head over and register here and grab your ticket for just $195!

Hardware accelerated DeepZoom in Silverlight 4

johnWeeGo[1]The MultiScaleImage control in Silverlight 4 can now optionally be hardware accelerated. This means those massive images or, in my case, maps of the world can be smoothly rendered by using your compatible video card to do the heavy lifting. So what difference does it make? Let’s take a look, my example went from 40-80% cpu usage to 5-10%!


Take a spin of the hardware accelerated version here. Mouse wheel to zoom. If you right click you can even install out of browser.

What steps do we have to take to make this happen? First we have to enable the cachemode on the MSI control itself:

<MultiScaleImage x:Name="msi" CacheMode="BitmapCache" />

Then for the browser app we add a param to the plugin:

<param name="EnableGPUAcceleration" value="true" />

For “Out-Of-Browser” it is in the advanced options in the silverlight project:


Download the full source here.