Virtual Earth Day – Brisbane packs the house!

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Yesterday we were fortunate enough to participate in the Brisbane Virtual Earth day as one of the customer case studies. As you can see below, there was a really good turnout in the Brisbane office.


The day included an introduction and overview from Peter, 2 customer case studies, an excellent masterclass by Johannes and discussion on licensing from Jen.


Peter Ulm kicked the day off with an introduction and overview of what Virtual Earth is and showed some of the many possibilities of its application in business. Peter has been with Microsoft for over 11 years but is fairly new to the Virtual Earth team and is responsible for looking after Virtual Earth in Australia and New Zealand.


John did a quick intro to some of the projects we’ve done with Virtual Earth and showed off some of the functionality he’s been building for Love Freight.



Johannes, a Virtual Earth Evangelist from the UK, gave a great masterclass on Virtual Earth and showed a bunch of different features including the JavaScript Intellisense and the Virtual Earth ASP.Net User Control that is part of the Live Tools CTP. He touched on some of our other favourite technologies such as Photosynth, panoramas, clustering and silverlight/deepzoom.

Jen, originally from Australia but working in the Virtual Earth team in the UK, tackled the difficult subject of licensing terms and conditions. She provided a few key examples of each of the licensing categories to make it easier to digest the licensing requirements.

It was great that Jen and Johannes were able to come out for the events and we hope that the attendance at all 3 Australian events will will encourage them to hold more events in the future.