Tues 4 – Being a tourist in Seattle

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgWell after yesterday’s long journey I fell asleep about 7pm only to wake up about midnight wide awake..stayed that way till about 4am when I crashed and re-work at 10am!  Dammit..missed the free brekkie and early start to the morning.

So on my one full free day I became a tourist.  First  stop, the Space Needle.

seattle 018_small.jpg

It was very overcast when i got there at about 10:30..so i wandered around and took some pics of it on a grey, cloudy background.  Didn’t bother paying the $14US to go up as peole coming down said visibility was bad.  However, just before I had to make my way back to other side of town..the sun came out, kinda.., so i manage to get a pici with some blue sky.

Next stop was the Underground Tour.  Wandered around under the sidewalk to Seattle for 90 mins.  Not lots to see so good there’s a tour guide to give you the history.

seattle 042.JPG

Lots of old bits and pieces under the streets.  Kinda creepy when you go back on what is now street level (previously woulda been Level 2) and walk on the pavement and realise underneath is hollow.  Hard to take pics with so many people and there not being lots of light.

Last stop was Pike Street Markets..my mission to find the Gum Wall.

seattle 044_small.jpg

It’s the line outside the old theatre…covered in gum.  Very cool..yet gross at the same time.

It gets dark really early so had to head back to hotel at 4ish to avoid wandering around in the dark.  Was suprised at the lack of people on the streets..was expecting to have to dodge and weave everywhere but they were only scattered along all the streets..not like trying to walk through town in Brisbane.

Be good to come back in summer and get some good shots of needle, view and maybe check out Mt Rainer.

Must set an alarm so i can get to my meeting at Microsoft tomorrow on time and not sleep in till 10!