Tue 8 – A little walk up a bump

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgToday we set off to walk up Mount Royal which the locals seem to call a bump.  It gives a great view of the city so we took some panorama shots and some zoomed in versions and will put up a deep zoom example of it.

There were a few squirrels around and boy are they really hard to photograph! The move so fast!

mt royal 1.jpg

It was pretty cold and ready to rain so we were on the lookout for a short cut down the mountain. Problem being everything was covered in snow, so attempts meant sinking in snow or slipping on ice. Lucky it was just a small shower so we didn’t get wet.

On the way to the moutain we passed an IGA … me half joking says “wonder if it’s a supermarket” .. thinking it’d actually be a bank or something but turned out to be a food store afterall.  Always nice to find familiar brands around the place.