Travelling to Poland 1-2 July

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Today was a massive day of travel. Brisbane to Singapore to Frankfurt to Warsaw. Previously when I’ve flown this far I’ve had at least an overnight stopover. This time it was just a few hrs at each airport. I must say that while the long lot of plane trips is painful I really think it’s better just to get it over and done with. At some point you’re just so sore and uncomfortable you’re almost numb.

I found Frankfurt airport quite confusing. Firstly I wasn’t sure if I had to collect my bag here as I didn’t have a boarding pass. So after watching all the bags on the carousel was told that I just needed a boarding pass. This sounded easier than it was. Wandered around in circles for awhile looking for LOT check-in until someone was really helpful and pointed towards the Lufthansa counter.

The other odd thing here was none of our credit cards worked at the restaurant which was quite disturbing. Luckily the ATM happily spat out some cash and returned my card. Fortunately my credit card and atm card have both successfully worked in Poland.

Tomorrow I have some free time before the meetings and opening ceremony so I’m hoping to go for a bit of a wander and take some photos.