The parking challenge

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgAlways hate trying to park in town and today remembered why.  Had a meeting at 10:30 in town today…thought getting there at 10:10 would give me heaps of time to find a park…

I drive round a few streets and finally spot one on a hill between 2 i pull over and put on my indicator, put the car into reverse and just about to start my fun reverse park…when a car comes ripping in and puts his nose in my spot.  I was not happy…thoughts of running my towbar in his side crossed my mind.

So drove round some more and found anther spot..also between 2 cars..but as it was close to set up lights I’m behind another car and before i can start to reverse someone just pulls up behind me…so i just give up and try to go to a parking station..where there are cars parted across the in quickly dart in the out ramp and across…all the way to the roof level for the only space i can see.

Is it always this bad or am i just cursed?