Teched Australia Wrap Up

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We spent last week down on the Gold Coast for Teched Austalia. It was a MASSIVE week for us. While we were there we did a talk on the Kinect SDK, did our presentation for the Spotlight Showdown, and won a trip to BUILD and  of course talked to a bunch of you about TransHub over on the Spotlight booth and KinectSDK over at the Kinect booth.

We had a great audience at our Kinect Session here in Australia. It was standing room only, and everyone was keen to participate to help make the talk a success.  We brought a long a few props to make the session a bit more interesting…

We had Chucky and my Female artist manikin to help explain the difference between person and what the skeleton tracking does.


We busted open a Kinect (well not quite) and safety was paramount with our audience.


We noticed a few Fruit Ninja shirts in the audience – so some of you must have been to the spotlight booth on Tuesday night. These things went like hot cakes. We gave out 500 shirts in an hour and I think I must have personally handed out 300 of them.


For anyone who missed our session, there’s audio and matching slides up on Channel 9 here. It was also video recorded so hoping that’ll appear soon as some of the demos just won’t quite be the same.

Hoping you guys had as much fun as we did!