Tech.Ed day 1 – the downside of being in the minority…

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgWe got up bright and early and headed off to the exhibition centre.  Picked up our Tech.Ed bag, and our ticket for our free shirt.  Love the bag, and love the touch of having your name on the shirt.

Opening keynote was really cool.  Cultural anthropologist talking about her experience with using beta’s on REAL people.  She was awesome, and learnt some new words..Digital Immigrant and Digital Native.

Ran into a few people I know, so hello to Phillip, Pagey, Joe, Smiffy, Daniel, Joel, Geoff, Rod, Zac, Frank, Chuck and anyone else i forgot.  It’s quite a sight to see 2000 of the exact same backpack wandering around.

Mental note for the future…if you’re a girl and you forget your in the 4% of the populatation at a conference, it’s MUCH harder to double dip on the free stuff…ppl seem to remember me…no fair.

Day 1 was pretty good.  We’d planned to do some exercise and play tennis at the hotel, we brought our rackets, tennis balls and even had 4 players, but who woulda guessed that you have to book the stupid court, and that you can book it for 2 hrs!  So that planned failed, we wandered back to Tech.Ed and played on the xboxes and ran into a few other people.