SQL Spatial with Virtual Earth in Sydney and Perth

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgNext week we’re travelling to Sydney and Perth to deliver our presentation on SQL 2008 Spatial with Virtual Earth. If you’re around in Sydney on the 13th we’re going out to dinner and drinks with some of the ladies from GeekGirlBlogs.  If you want to join us check out the details and sign up http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=20904290649.

And if you’re in Perth and want to have a drink after the talk..let us know..we need a tour guide 🙂

The session details for our talks are:

SQL 2008 Spatial with Virtual Earth

In this visually interactive talk we explore the new spatial data types, functions and indexes directly related to the real world using the interactive browser based Virtual Earth control. We focus on the new Geography data type providing an overview of the new functionality as directly applied to mapping. This includes the storage of points, polylines and polygons as well as real world tasks like effective rendering to the map, geofencing and proximity searches. We explore the power of union and buffering. Finally we examine the new index specifically built for fast spatial lookup.

The talk will inform, teach and demonstrate. You will understand what this new functionality is all about, what data types and functions are needed, how they operate and how to add an effective spatial index to your project.

Sydney event – Register HERE

Perth Event – Register HERE