SQL Spatial and VE – 2 talks down…6 to go

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgSo we’ve done the first 2 legs of our SQL UG tour.

Wednesday night we went to Canberra.  Thanks so much to Peter Ward for saving us with his mobile broadband.  Smallish crowd but some interesting questions and some really good feedback to help us improve the talk.

Thursday lunchtime we presented in Adelaide.  Again we had some really interesting questions from the audience and really looking forward to seeing the eval comments.  Thanks to Rob for inviting us and giving us a couple of tips.

For those that are interested I’ve put up a pdf version of our slides here.  When we get back home we’ll put together a better package for people to download as i’m sure you’ll find some of the sql scripts we used helpful also.

Thanks Canberra and Adelaide for having us…any feedback is always welcome.