Site Upgraded to DNN4.4.1

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johnWeeGo.jpgI upgraded our site to the latest version of Dotnetnuke today. I have been playing with the new DNN4.4 recently and it does perform better. I’m a little confused by a couple of things. The error logs have changed xml format but they left off the sql to delete the old ones so you have to delete them yourself:

 delete from {databaseOwner}{objectQualifier}EventLog

I’m also confused why there are ascx.vb files everywhere – Isn’t there a performance benifit in compiling this code into a dll? Speaking of which the neat thing with 4.4 is that only the minimum is installed by default, of course if you upgrade this is not the case. I better go find out how i remove the modules i’m not using in the most effecient way.

Oops almost forgot to mention that the skins themselves can now set the doctype. Better add to my todo list to make this one XHTML.