Silverlight Virtual Earth, Part 3 Project “Deep Earth” launches

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Today we launched project “Deep Earth” on codeplex. This open source project will bring together skills from developers all over the world to continue this concept and ultimately create a useable Silverlight control.

Seven people have joined the fun: Shaun Becker, Jonas Follesø, Bronwen Zande, Darko Radiceski, Nicolas Boonaert, Rob Farley and myself John O’Brien. What a great mix of people!

The project page at codeplex links to the live example:

We have some new stuff to show you, after clicking on the map use R, H and A to change map styles. And checkout the latest code for some preview of the new dashboard UI and future Architecture ideas.

Project blurb:

DeepEarth is a community project focused on creating a rich interactive mapping control using Silverlight2 Deep Zoom. Concentrating on Microsoft Virtual Earth imagery and data the project offers team members the opportunity to learn and share while creating something cool and useful.
The project will explore using the MultiScaleImage control (Deep Zoom) for tile layers and user content, User Experience around mapping with Silverlight and the performance benefits and coding practices of native .net code.

Expect some cool functionality from this amazing technology.