Sat 2 Apr-Making our own fun

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This morning we got to walk Lewa and took her for a pretty decent walk. She’s grown quite a bit in 2 weeks.


After breakfast we headed out to the orphanage and this week was a lot less intense. We found the bigger kids and played basketball, soccer and Joyce brought some bubbles with her and that kept them entertained for awhile. The others were kept entertained with colouring books and piggy back running races.


The boys remembered John from last week and were very keen to just spend time with him. Most of the volunteers are female so I think the boys enjoy some male company.


We had the afternoon off so we decided to make our own fun. While we were in town we bought a volleyball and after lunch Evans helped us make our own net from some string. We had a good session with some of the staff and some volunteers and then caught up on some internet time in the late afternoon.