Sat 16 Apr- Day off

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Today we all took our day off. Some South African miners the other guys had met last week were picking us up and taking us for a braae around 10 so got to sleep in a bit. Then got up and chatted to John online for awhile as the timezones overlapped with a good time. After 10 the guys called and had cancelled on us so we were stuck for the day with nowhere to go. Everyone was a bit bummed and lunch for us was very tiny so we made our own fire and cooked up some of the sausages the Aussies left for us.

Later in the afternoon some of the clients from Friday had come back to stay the night so they could do a chimp walk the next day. They’d brought a bunch of food and were going to braae tonight. Dinner was equally as tiny – 1/2 a piece of chicken each and a bit of potato so I was still hungry. Luckily our new friends brought heaps of food and were keen to share with us.  It was sooo yummy and we sat up chatting with them for quite awhile. Trying to work out if we can go visit their mine one day early this week to break it up a bit.