“Online” accommodation booking not quite there

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgBeen trying to book a trip to Tassie…manged to book the flights and car online but the accommodation just wasn’t as easy.

I was a bit surprised that only 1 of the 3 places we were staying had “online booking”.  To my surprise, the “online booking” took you through a 5 step process that just sent the place an email.  So I ended up calling them to make sure i got the room etc.

Out of the remaining 2 i had to call, 1 I had to call back cause they didn’t have a 2007 book to take bookings yet.

And the final place was the only place that asked me to pay any money upfront.

I guess it makes sense..wasn’t like we were staying anywhere flash, so probably can’t afford an automated system but you’d expect them to at least have a 2007 book right?  There’s something about a little bit of paper with a booking confirmation that makes you feel a little more secure rather than…yeah..don’t you remember i called you like 4 months ago and made a booking…what do you mean we non longer have somewhere to stay