Mon 14 – Groundhog day – back to Toronto

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgAfter the nightmare of yesterday..this is how we’re fairing…we got up really early and headed over to Air Canada to try and get out of Chicago. We were prepared to split up if it meant at least one of us made it to Seattle for the summit.  The news was not good.  They couldn’t get us out through any city on any airline that would get us there any time soon.  So they’ve sent us back to toronto and then seattle.  Only problem being is we won’t hit seattle till 7:30pm tonight…we miss the first day of the summit.

So we’ve jumped on the 7am flight from Chicago to Toronto, another completely full flight..we’re rows apart on the plane, and 22hrs later we’ve made it from Montreal to Toronto.  It’s so groundhog day here..back on the same sort of plane,  same security checkpoints.  This time we’ve got 7hrs till our flight (same flight number and everything).  So we’re in basically the same clothes with about 1 1/2 hours sleep and may or may not ever see our bags again.

So in the end we left montreal at 12pm on the 13th and will hopefully arrive in seattle at 7:30pm  14th, via Toronto, Chicago, Toronto, Seattle.  Will post again when we get to Seattle and have a hotel and internet.