JasJam – Manuafacturing fault with the Micro SD card slot

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgBroke the Jas Jam already 🙁

Got my new 2GB micro SD card for the JasJam this morning.  Put it in, and it just kept going…couldn’t click it back out!  Of course John’s was fine (I always get the duds).

So took it back to Telstra, and they managed to get the card back out using tweesers and gave me a new phone.  Before I left i got them to put the card in the new phone (just in case) only to discover the card wouldn’t stay in the new phone.  Hmm…odd…so they got another phone, which had the same problem as mine.

3rd phone lucky, card goes in, card  goes out.  YAY!

Interesting thing is..the “blank” micro SD card worked fine in all of the phones. Just the real cards didn’t.  Very lucky for me since I’ve only had it 2 weeks it was under direct swap warranty.  So i you have a JasJam, and haven’t tried the microSD card…do it now!