Infinite horizontal panning for Maps – Silverlight DeepZoom

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The HDView team released a gem of a sample app this week from ICE that amongst other things provide a solution for showing 360 degree panoramas. The solution uses three MSI controls to provide a seamless panning experience.

Now what could be a bigger 360 panorama then the Earth itself?


Live Sample:

Straight away the benefits become clear:

  • We can centre the map anywhere on the World. (I can hear New Zealand cheering from here).
  • We can show flight paths and shipping routes across the Pacific Ocean
  • We can provide a smooth zooming experience from the world level without be shunted over to Africa.

The example is running with the tiles from the awesome open source project OpenStreetMap, I highly recommend you take a look at what they are doing to provide a free set of world data, updated by people like you.

Download the code for the example above from here: