Fri 4 – Thai cooking course.

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgToday we learn how to cook.  We get picked up and taken to the cooking school.  We are joined by 2 Brittish boys.  So after choosing the dishes we want to eat, our instructor takes us to the market to buy the ingredients (an no..we don’t have to buy the live chicken and kill it).

Our guide takes us through and goes through all the different ingredients.  There’s lots of different looking veges e.g. eggplants that look like mini-watermellons etc.

Then it’s off to cooking.  We make 6 dishes..all very yummy and are given our cookbook to take home.  It was all really easy to make..just gotta see if we can get the ingredients when we get home.  Definatly recommend doing a cooking course..very full now…and we even skipped breakfast to fit it all in.