Day 8–Bich Dong Pagoda

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Our last shift at EPRC today. They put us both on the hill in the soft release area. We got to feed the langur sweet potato and the gibbon did come down for food while we were there.


Our final lot of untie the bundles of leave and we were done. Off for our last breakfast, packup and our car is ready to take us to Ninh Binh for a couple of days.


Elke suggested Bich Dong as a stop on the way.


It’s a pagoda and it looks old till you see this sign (or maybe we’re just old).


There’s a few steps to climb.


You do get a decent view from the top.


It’s pretty exposed (read hot) so we head back into the cave area which is super slippery.


Few statues to take photos of.


And then we’re pretty much done. We know we’re already back in “civilization” cause there’s already a lot of people. Our driver suggests lunch and drops us at what seems to be a westernised restaurant. Burgers, toasties and a few cold drinks later and we’re off to our accommodation.


We turn on all 5 fans, drop the mossie net and it’s time to relax.