Day 3–Turtle ride to Puerto Chino

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This morning we  woke to rain. That annoying type of rain that isn’t pouring but enough to be annoying, especially when we were supposed to be going riding.

We headed over the bike shop, had a chat and decided we may as well go and get a bit wet in case it was a lot wet tomorrow. John went back to the hotel to fetch my helmet and picked up one of the other ladies staying at the same place wanting to ride.


After riding to the hotel, getting changed etc. we all headed off while it was dry. That didn’t last long. As we started up the hills it just stayed at an annoying amount of wet. Soon we found the bike path next to the main drag and up we went. Up and up and up.

The problem with having a nice bike that you can’t ride that well is when you then have to ride a lot less nice bike, esp one which is heavy, way too small, with crappy gears and brakes it’s hard work!

Eventually we make it to the turnoff to El Junco which is supposed to be a stunning volcanic lagoon.  We park the bikes and hike the rest of the way up to the lagoon. Nothing but mist/fog. I can just make out the waterline. Legs needed a stretch anyway. On the way back to the bikes we pass 2 guys heading up the hill after parking their bikes.

Then it’s onto lunch which took a few attempts to find. Get some food into us and as we’re about to leave spot the same guys from the lagoon.


Then it’s downhill to Centro de Crianza de Tortugas – Giant Tortoise breeding centre.


There’s one just inside the gate and it isn’t too happy when we walk past. Sounded a lot like Darth Vader with the way it hissed.


We wander around and see baby ones, 2 year olds, 4 year olds and ones that look very very old.



Then it’s back on the bike as we spot the other guys bikes as we head to Puerto Chino.


As we emerge at the beach there’s people and quite a few of them.


Take some snaps of the sealions while Alexandra has a quick swim and then back to the bikes as we pass the guys coming down to the beach.


Alexandra talks to the cabbies for me and gets me a ride back to town. I’m so not up to riding back up the 8% hill we just came down on the rental.

I head back to the hotel while they ride.