Book Review: Windows Presentation Foundation – Unleashed

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgI was after a good overview book on WPF so after hunting around on the internet I bought a copy of Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed.

Overall I thought the book was pretty good if you’d played with WPF and wanted to consolidate what you’d learned by playing and reading some source code.  There’s lots of good things about this book…basically it doesn’t go into great detail but it gives a good overview of all the main controls and different panels, styles, templates etc with simple overviews of how you can use them so it’s a good book to start out with.  It’s also got lots of other things that make it easier to read and learn from

  • It’s not’s 620 pages so you can get through it pretty quickly
  • All the picis and code are in colour, which always makes it easier to read/digest
  • if you register, you can download all of the code examples etc.