Batman goes to the Heroes launch in Brisbane

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgWe went to the Heroes Happen launch event today in Bribane.  We thought we’d be funny and go dressed up as “super heroes” Batman and Batgirl.  We got lots of weird looks and people wanted to have their photo taken with us. 

Learnt a few things about being a super hero:

  • Rubber and vinyl are VERY hot so we had to get changed into street attired half way though.
  • Wearing high heals make your feet really didn’t take long before i needed to find a seat.
  • The batmask cripples your ability to hear and kills periferal vision

We did get our Heroes pic in costume:


And John answered a few questions about how to deal with mould and rising damp in your batcave at the Ask The Experts area.


We had a really good day.  Met lots of interesting people, got to talk about stuff we’re passionate about, got some swag…what more could you ask for?