8th July-Opening Ceremony

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Woke up early this morning and we wandered about looking for things to nearby. Headed into M&M World which was disappointing..was expecting to find some cool stuff there. We did spot the green M&M lady liberty though.


We wandered about Time Square as nothing seems to open before 10am and killed sometime taking pics of ourselves


There’s some really massive screens here and some interesting marketing ideas. One of the clothing companies takes photos inside and posts highlights to the massive screen outside. My favourite is the one below where the interaction loops around a few option like: taking a “polaroid” of the crowd, drawing on people with lipstick and magnifying the crowd. At first I couldn’t work out why so many people were standing in that particular spot taking so many photos of a billboard but now it’s clear…they like seeing themselves in the mirror.


Spent a few hours in briefings ready for tomorrow before the Opening ceremony where Steve Ballmer presented and promised Kinects for all the participants, the founder of xxx of foursquare etc. I think it was great Steve could spend some time with the students. Tomorrow is a massive day of judging for me.