Wed 2 – Ayutthaya temples by night

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgSo we skip out on Bangkok and stay in Ayuttaya tonight.  We have some dinner and about 8:20pm we wander out to grab a tuk-tuk to take us to the temples to take some night pics.

The driver tells us we won’t get to the main one before the lights go out..ok…we just think she doesn’t want to drive that far and agree to go to the closer ones only.

We takes some pics at the 1st one..they’re looking pretty cool…they have really good lighting at night.  We go the the 2nd temple and 1/2 way through the pic..the lights start to go out..oh oh…then the 1st temple lights go out.

So we head back to the tuk-tuk and she takes us to the’s a race against the man with the switch…we make it there, take a couple of pics and then pooff…no more lights.  Lucky we didn’t come out 1/2 hour later or we woulda missed our opportunity and there woulda been zero point staying here.  So be warned..if taking night pics..make sure you go early in the night.


John’s chatting away with the lady and she suggests taking a limosine to the airport tomorrow.  We’re like..yeah..that sounds better than catching 2 trains and a cab.  We discover her husband drives a limo..and she shows us a pic of a Honda Civic (not my def. of a limo but hey).

So our only problem now is we’re not sure which airport we have to go to..there’s 2..the old and the new.  The old on all the maps is called Bangkok International Airport and our itinery is Bangkok International Airport and this one is on the train line.  So we agree to call Thai airways first before booking the limo.  It turned out we had to go the new airport (so confusing) so we call the lady and arrange to get picked up at 12pm (our flight is 5:15) as we’re not sure how long it’ll take.  Then we hope they turn up in the morning…or we will miss the train and be pretty much stuck.