Twittering Virtual Earth

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3 months ago I kicked off a little experiment on twitter, As a Windows Live MVP I decided to tweet everything interesting I come across with Virtual Earth and also actively engage others tweeting about Virtual Earth.


This weekend I hit 100+ followers and feel I’m really starting to connect with others around the world interested in this technology. I tweet interesting Articles, blogs post and links specifically on Virtual Earth, nothing else.

I use the twitter search to find others talking about VE. Slowing people that are following virtualearth reply with new work and links that they have done, I share this across the network as well as checking it out myself.

If your interested in Virtual Earth follow and send interesting things to share.

What do you think of Twitter as a community building tool? Do you find there is too much noise? On my personal twitter account: I find I can’t follow people who tweet about every minute of their lives. However I love keeping in touch with others in the industry and love finding out quickly about news and cool stuff.

What does worry me is news that twitter could be charging for commercial use of their service, I wonder where that will leave people? Will people be able to pay or bid to take your twitter handle? Will we get authorised spam from companies that pay for advertising? Should you commit to building networks on sites that plan to make money from it and yet haven’t worked (or announced) that bit out?

It will be interesting to see how twitter evolves.