Sun 29 – Stonehenge

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgThis morning we left Elspeth and Jeremy’s place to have lunch with John’s uncle (John) just outside of Salisbury.  Had a huge lunch and then went for a side trip to Stonehenge.  It was a lot smaller than i expected and there was soo many ppl there.

small_london 497.jpg

Then it was back for some more food before we left to take back the car.

Coupla weird things over here…

  • They drive on the left (normal) but ppl tend to walk on the right side of the footpath
  • No Limit sign doesn’t mean No limit (like in NT) – it means max speed for the type of road you’re on .. very lucky someone told us that one!
  • Street signs are usually on some place on a building which makes it fun to work out what street you’re on.
  • Direction signs aren’t roundabout it might point to the more major road e.g. M4 with a major city name and the next will use a smaller road say A4041 with some little town.  It’d help if when you turn off they consistently had NSEW next to the exit.  Approaching exits will have M4 (N) etc. but when you hit the exit with both N&S options the direction is removed and a random town indicated.