Pivot from Microsoft Live Labs

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johnWeeGo[1]Announced at PDC this week in awesome new technology preview called Pivot. I was lucky enough to get an invite code to this private preview, I highly recommend you sign up today for your invite or at least watch the HD video below.

In short this for me takes what we have seen in custom Silverlight DeepZoom applications like Vertigo’s Hard Rock Memorabilia site and then blows it away. Not only does Pivot show you that dynamic DeepZoom collection with metadata and filters but it handles seemingly unlimited number of objects, provides a standardised format to put your collection data into and then does amazing things like the range sliders applied to dates.

The application is currently only running on Windows7 with a recent 3D graphics card, my new XPS Studio 16 runs perfectly while my older XPS M1330 is very stuttered. But the idea here to see the concepts working and they really do, given time clearly this is going to be possible in Silverlight and, if that is so, then that means this technology will be available to PCs, Macs and even your phone.

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