Mon 7 – Tourist time in Montreal

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgToday we did the tourist thing and checked out a few places.  Our first adventure was to catch the Metro to Olympic Stadium.  So we paid our money and went up the inclining tower to check out the awesome view over the city of Montreal.

montreal olympic 2.jpg

montreal olympic 1.jpg


The Metro is pretty cool, you pay a single price to go anywhere on the lines, so when I asked for a return ticket I got a really weird look from the ticket guy.

All the sidewalks etc. are covered in snow..which I find really strange as it’s Spring and I’m not used to seeing snow.  Apparantly they’ve had a really long winter, 40cm off the all time record of snow fall.

The we jump on the Metro out to the biosphere which is a cool structure.

montreal biosphere.jpg

After that jet lag kicked in, so we needed a snooze before going out to dinner.

I went to my first Girl Geek Dinner and was the “guest speaker”. Was a great night and met lots of interesting people..I’ll write another blog post about this a bit later when there’s some pics available.

Everyone is bi-lingual..which is really good cause my French is so bad..