Judgement Call–The Game, VR Days Day 1 takeaway

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Continuing on Day 1 of the Vision and Impact Conference of VR Days Europe and I’m listening to Brandon Harper talk about ambient experience.


In his session he mentions a game the team plays called Judgment Call to look at the ethical implications of the products they’re creating. I hadn’t heard of it before but a quick internet search allowed me to find it here: https://vsdesign.org/publications/pdf/p421-ballard.pdf


I really liked the concept – take a stakeholder, a principal, and a rating number and write a review and discuss it. It’s a simple concept and I’m keen to try this on my next project. It fits in well with a few books I’ve been reading on decision making and strategies lately.  I like the way it makes you think about what would you have to do / or what are you doing that makes this stakeholder give you a rating for a particular theme.  I think it could be really useful to bring out risks that you hadn’t really thought through before. The example of a 5* rating from a hacker for instance – what can we do so a hacker can’t give us a 5* rating (meaning it’s easy for them to exploit the system) and balance that with reviews we’d get from a standard user wanting ease of access while being secure.

Keen to hear if anyone has used something similar when developing their product features.