day 21–Taking the Cheetah For A Walk

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Today was a bit miserable – cold, overcast and threatening to rain.

After the morning feed we gave the servals some new hay for their beds. Each group inspected the new bed for approval. Ubuntu and Upendu decdided they weren’t quite happy about the location of the couch etc. The moved their own water tray outside and decide to also make a day bed by moving some of the hay outside.


Chuck and Norris were having a good play near the fence today.


This afternoon Zintle got to go out walking with a client.


The girls got her gear together.


She was very excited to get her K9 harness on (shh…don’t tell her …she can’t read).


Then up in the truck with a bit of food encouragement.


And she’s off…

We’ve got an extra volunteer who just arrived after a long flight from London and got bombarded with a feeding session in the first 10 mins she was here.