Book review : Pro LINQ

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prolink Just before Xmas I bought Pro LINQ. I’ve been doing quite a bit of LINQ lately and just wanted to be able to sit down and read in one hit “the whole story” to make sure I wasn’t doing things the wrong way.

One of the reasons I bought this book over the others is that “it’s all about code”. You could spend chapters writing all the different combinations you can do something, or you can just write a bunch of code that just explains it. I’ve read selections of chapters (I skipped the LINQ-XML as I’m not really using that at the moment) and skimmed all the code and overall found the book really good to give that overall story that you usually miss when you read bits of info on 100 different sites. I also think the book would also be useful for those starting out and wanting a good reference to get their heads around LINQ.

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