AI->XAML – Getting Adobe Illustrator assets into Blend

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I’ve been working on some WPF lately and one of the early things the designer wanted to do was use Adobe Illustrator files e.g. EPS format in Expression Blend.  After looking in all the obvious places like File->Import and attempting to “Add Existing Item” I quickly came to the conclusion there was no native way to do this. So I tried looking for the opposite, a way to export from Illustrator to Xaml. This is when I found AI->XAML, an Adobe Illustrator to XAML Export plug-in for Illustrator.

One of the best things about this plug-in is that it’s FREE! It’s also really easy to install. You just have to copy the zip file into the Illustrator plug-in folder and the next time you start Illustrator it appears as an option under the File->Export menu file types.