12 March – Alexandria to Cairo

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We got up early at the Windsor Palace Hotel to find they had hotwater..YAY. We have breakfast on the roof level of the hotel which has a spectacular view of the water and city.

We then grabbed a cab out to the Fort that is best described as a giant sandcastle. Here we’re given a personal tour by one of the security guards before wandering by ourselves to take some pics on what is an absolutely gorgeous day.  There are a bunch of school groups here this morning who seem to enjoy talking at us “Hello, What’s your name, where are you from etc.”

After leaving the fort we head back towards town and come across this really cool juice bar. It has an awesome range and huge amount of fruit to choose from.

With a couple of hours before our train is due we attempt to find a cab to take us to the Catacombs. This proves a little more difficult when you’re not outside one of the big tourist attractions. We finally find a cab who then has to find someone to translate for us and says he’ll take us for 3 LE.  So we head off and end up at Pompey Pillar (not far from Catacombs). When we go to pay he gets upset and demands more money. Finally after 13 LE we get out of the cab.

The afternoon is gorgeous and we get some cool pics with the circular polariser and then attempt our walk to the train after some vague directions from the security guard.

We wander through backstreets for what feels like forever not quite knowing if we are even remotely in the right place. There are so many mangy looking cats in this city it sometimes felt like déjà vu as a cat would dart out in front of you on every corner. Eventually turn a corner and pop out at the train station. What a fluke!

Here we proceed to have the most expensive soft drinks ever – 32 LE. Our train to Cairo is really full. Even though you have assigned seats people have to stand. Good thing we got on the train early.

When finally back at our original hotel to pick up our bags we have some fun explaining why we want to leave their hotel and go to another one. Our driver doesn’t seem too confident on where he’s going and stops for directions a few times. Eventually we arrive at Pharaoh’s Hotel were I quickly discover we have no toilet paper in our room. Lucky for us I brought some with me.

After an hour to settle in we meet up with our tour group. 9 people – 2 canadians and 7 Aussies.

Really looking forward to our trip to the Pyramids tomorrow at 8am.