When inner Brisbane becomes a parking lot

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgFor those who don’t know…the main expressway for Brisbane peak hour traffic has been closed.  Read more about it here.  Because my bus seems to use the roads everyone else does it too  a few hours to get to work the other day instead of 1/2 hour.  So i’ve been getting dropped at the train.

As there’s not a lot of trains near where i’ve lived this has been a new experience.  Some thing I noticed about trains as opposed to buses…

1. The seats on trains are restrictive. I.e. they have this bar at the side so if you sit next to someone who is large..you get a lot more squished

2. Trains are text based.  Buses use numbers, trains use destination names which means you catch a “different train in each direction”.  More logical and less likely to stand on the wrong side of the road.

3. Doors don’t open automatically.  So I’m standing there waiting for the door to open like busese do.  You have to press the open door button.

4. There’s no bell and no hailing.  It stops at every stop, so no need to flag it down or let it know when you want to get off

5. They announce the stops.  So rather than having to know exactly which stop to get off, and keeping an eye out and pressing the bell on time…they announce the next stop and if you can make out what they say, gives you heaps of time to get to the door.