We’ve turned 100

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgjohnWeeGo.jpg We’ve turned 100 .  Well not 100 in years, but in blog posts.  Since the 6th August 2006 we’ve now done 100 blog posts.  No match for someone like Frank, and we kinda cheated cause there’s 2 of us blogging…but hey…still a milestone.

So to mark our 100th blog birthday, here’s a recap and figures on us.

Most people view our site on a Wednesday

December saw the most visitors yet (but January may still win as it’s no over yet)

Top 5 posts:

  1. Clustering a million points on Virtual Earth using AJAX
  2. Elections – still in the dark ages
  3. New Polygons in Virtual Earth
  4. Custom Pushpin’s Offset in Virtual Earth
  5. Xmas comes early – my new 24″ Dell

Top 5 searches:

  1. sticky keys
  2. virtual earth
  3. popup
  4. pushpin
  5. soul solutions

Top 5 on tech talk (based on thumbs up)

  1. mygeoland.com – for people that are sick of whereis
  2. Good female developers and the Loch Ness monster
  3. Virtual Earth Licensing, you know you need it.
  4. Online food shopping…yes please
  5. Video – Find the sydney opera house and Stadium Australia in 3D

Top 5 referrers

  1. google.com
  2. forums.microsoft.com
  3. viavirtualeach.com
  4. techtalkblogs
  5. blogs.msdn

Top 5 pages

  1. Blog (of course)
  2. Home
  3. Virtual Earth popup styles
  4. Clustering VE
  5. Articles