We’re presenting at Tech Ed! What do you want us to cover?

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgjohnWeeGo.jpg It’s just been confirmed today that we’re presenting at Tech Ed at the Gold Coast.

Here’s our brief of what we are intending to do:

Mastering Virtual Earth

John O’Brien MVP

Bronwen Zande


Want to add interactive maps to your applications or just learn more about this exciting technology? Explore the latest features of the Virtual Earth and how to extend the control to suit your requirements. Take your applications to the next level with information on how to customise all aspects of the user experience. Learn how others are successfully exposing vast sets of data over the web utilises AJAX and web services.  See how Virtual Earth can be integrated with other live services.

This session will include live demonstrations, code snippets and example sites.


We’re looking for feedback on what you’d like to see in an awesome Virtual Earth session.  So leave comments here on your ideas