Web IM / Presence has been released..it’s pretty cool.

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgMany of you may have already seen Angus’s blog and the introduction of a web IM/Presence control on the left side.  For those who haven’t…check it out 🙂

So for anyone who uses Messenger and has thought to themself..”gee, it’d be really handy to be able to have a messenger control on my site so people can talk to me without having Messenger”, your wishes have been granted.

I’ll be doing an article about setting this up in the next couple of days..so watch this space…

If you want to have a play yourself here’s the cutdown version of what to do:

To configure your account and get the HTML that is required for you to put it on your site goto: : http://settings.messenger.live.com/Applications/WebSettings.aspx

There are 2 controls:

Presence :  This control shows your status as an icon

And WebIM: 


This control allows people to start a conversation with you from the site that it is hosted on.  One of the great things about this control is that the person talking to you doesn’t need to be signed into messenger to talk to you, and they don’t have to be on your contact list.  Great for a site wanting to run a “Ask us a question” type service.

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