Want to use “The Lounge” at Vigin Blue? Check the fine print

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgAs i flew into Sydney early and fly out late on my lunch trip, I decided at the last minute to buy a Virgin Blue Single Entry Lounge Pass, which all sounded good in theory…get power, internet and food as long as I’m flying that day.

Silly me didn’t read the fine print in my rush to find easy power, and upon arrival discovered I should have read more closely:

  • Can only use Single Entry Pass at departure (not arrival)
  • Can only get in at max 2hrs before departure
  • Can only get in if it’s not full..you don’t buy a pass for a particular day..it just goes on your account and if there’s space they let you in.

So I had 3 or so hours to kill.  So I hunted down a powerpoint next to the phone and sat on the floor with my lappy and my 3G wireless broadband and watched MIX videos 🙂

Luckily on my way home, there was space for me..so here I am blogging “from the lounge”.  The wireless internet seems really flakey, so i’m just making use of the desk and power..better than nothing I guess.  Don’t think it’s worth the $30 entry..so don’t think i’d be using it again.