Vector Magic – online tool to convert to vector format

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johnWeeGo.jpgEvery so often you come across a little tool that is super useful. This is one of them.

If you ever need to scale a logo and don’t have it in a vector format this tool is simple amazing. Fully web based you simple upload you low resolution jpeg logo and follow some simple steps. The output is a vector based file you can scale to any size.

My first test was the good old SoulSolutions logo:


Its hard to see but the results are a clean logo we can scale to any size:


Let look at something a little more complex like geekgirls:



What we see is some loss of the dropshadow and texture in the image but lets see it at 400%




Now you see what I’m talking about. Lastly I looked at a complex photo of a monkey to see how it would something that isn’t line art, again I’ll blow it up:



Pretty amazing effect! It highlights that some images, like logos will work well in a vector format compared to something with massive detail like a photo.