Tue 8 – handicraft village

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgToday we get a private tour to the handicraft villages in Chiang Mai.  Our guide has forgotten us so the hotel rings him for us.  Works out well as it gives us some time to grab breakfast.  There’s somethig wrong with his van…it keeps beeping like there’s a door open..oh well.

So we visit a silk factory, silverware factory, umberella factory and lacquerware factory.  All give you a little intro to show you how they make the products and then you’re in the store.  There’s lots of cool stuff, all hand made with lots of detail etc.  I buy a couple of small things that will fit in my bag and won’t break.  If you’re a shopper you could spend forever here…there’s so many different things you could buy.

Then it’s back to the hotel and our guide gives us the trip for 1/2 price for fogetting about us.  Some lunch and now at the internet cafe.

Only 4 days to go…tomorrow we’re going to attempt to hire a car to go the the monkey training centre..could be an interesting experience.