Tips for people who work from home

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In less than 2 weeks I start a new contract where everyone works from home.  So i’ve started preparing myself for it…

I’ve bought myself a few things…
1. Logitech 350 usb skype headset to talk to my new workmates
2. Dell 9400 lappy so i can be a bit mobile and have the processor power to run VS2005

Already have cable internet, and aircon in the room…

Put a few things in place to encourage work…
1. I’ve got my soul solution work shirts so i can know i’m at work and stop myself working in my pj’s
2. Cleaned up the study so it’s left handed friendly, have the ability to plug into the desktop screen for 2 screen work environment, and to help prevent me working in bed
3. Lined up the dog to do code reviews…well i can walk him through it and find my own mistakes
4. Will continue my “don’t eat at your desk” rule

Any other words of advice?