Thu 6 – Sat 8 The long journey home

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgKnow it’s like a week later but thought it was still worth writing about the trip home…

Got kicked out of the hotel at 2pm so wander the streets for awhile..well as long as i could stand the cold which was about an then i headed to the airport early so i’d be warm.

Obviously I get to my gate STUPIDLY I find a comfy spot and read my book.  About 1/2 hour before we’re due to board our flight is I freak that i’m going to miss my flight out of LA! The people on the desk tell me I can either choose ot get on the plane and hope to get my flight .. and if i miss it i have to look after my own accom etc. and go on standby for tomorrow as all the flights are full OR i can choose to not leave now, they pay “some” of my accomodation in seatlle and I still go on standby.  As there’s 18 of us about to miss our flights..we decide to catch the flight.

Towards the end of the flight they announce that they are taking us to our terminal and could everyone please stay seated so we can make our flights.  As soon as seatbelt sign is off, everyone gets up and jams up the front worse than normal..nice hey!

Eventually we get taken down the flight of stairs, put on a bus and driven across the airport..quite an experience..there are SO MANY planes and cars driving around the runways all the time it’s quite scary.  They let us off the bus and tell us to run up the stairs to our flight due to leave in 5 mins.  So we all bolt up the stairs and we’re at our gate (skipped immigration..yay) only to see the flight has been delayed till 1:15am!

Eventually we board about 2am, flight is chockas as the early flight was cancelled..I end up with the seat with the stupid metal box AGAIN! The have to reconfigure fuel etc due to change in passengers/weight etc.  An hour later..we take off.

Get to Sydney and have well and truly missed my I do a dash through customs about 12:30 and then they want to put me on a 3pm flight home! I enquire if there’s anything earlier as it’s not even 1pm to find out there’s a 2pm flight..after some persuading I get on that flight..yay.

The fill the plane right up..every seat taken except a few empty rows at the back..odd…so i grab a row, and lay down and crash as soon as the seat belt sign goes off.  I wake up to a thud as we land…oops..

Was so glad to be home after such a long flight..then stay awake a few hours before crashing.