Thu 3 – Day of travel….

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgSo we try to sleep in, but someone calls us like 6 times at 5am..grr.  We pack up our stuff, have a late breakfast, grab out stuff from the safe, jump on the internet and check out.  Our “limo driver” – the tuk-tuk drivers husband and his son are already we head off.

So along the trip the father and son fight over the radio and the dad picks on the kids driving..nothing different there.  So it takes us just over an hour to get to the airport .. very quick and a lot better than the 2 hr train ride + 1 hr cab ride we woulda had to do and it’s only double the price…$40 or so.

Unfortuanatly this means we’re at the airport close to 4hrs early.  So we check in, wander around, eat slowly and chill.  Eventually we jump on the plane for the 1hr flight…the shuttle bus from the terminal to the plane musta taken 10 mins..pretty funny…and we get to Chaing Mai.

Grab a cab to our hotel and crash for the night.