Thu 10 – Back to Bangkok – Spiderman 3 suxs.

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgSo we fly into Bangkok again today..only a few days before our journey home.  We’re over temples and after something to do…so we go for a journey to the cinema to see Spiderman 3.  The movie is crap by the way…so mushy and BORING!!!

The interesting bit was getting our tickets..they have 3 classes of tickets, and when you buy you pick your allocated seat.  So there’s opera..which are big cushy pairs right at the back of the cinema which are about $15 each.  Then there’s “honeymoon” which recline with the lifting arms (like at AMC at Sunnybank) which is the back 1/2 of the cinema..these are about $5 each and then there’s standard..which is the stiff normal seats like you’d find at BCC at Carindale..these are the front 1/2 of the cinema…and they’re about $3.60.  Stuff is so cheap here…I love it 🙂

We also went to KFC…looking forward to some chippies…but they have fries here! And they’re coleslaw is tuna and corn.  So slightly different menu.  There’s a whole pile of HUGE shopping centres just near our hotel.  It’ like going to a department store but with all little shops..Level 2 – Menswear, Level 3 – Shoes, bags and accessories, Level 4 – Ladies fashion, Level 5 – Food.  The place is packed for a thursday at about 2pm.

We’re going to skip the tigers and just chill in our hotel tomorrow and maybe see another movie.  Then might go to the crocodile farm the following afternoon on the way to the airport before our big flight home.