The cost of elections

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johnWeeGo.jpgThe amount of resources at our election on saturday got me thinking about how much it costs the tax payers of Australia. Did you know a federal election cost in excess of $100 million?

Cost of the 2004 federal election:

EXPENSES                                    $  
Employee Expenses                    36,968,991.45  
Property Expenses                     2,844,248.49  
Election Supplies and Services 
(inc Freight, Election Equipment, 
Call Centre Services, Forms)         13,252,749.19  
Consultancy                             974,587.29  
Travel                                1,123,817.31  
Advertising and Promotion            10,192,979.25  
Computer Services                     2,586,777.87  
Mailing Services                      1,488,254.74  
Printing and Publications             5,540,491.90  
Legal Services                          198,154.73  
Training of Polling Staff                79,465.95  
Other Expenses                           88,193.72  
SUB TOTAL                            75,338,711.89 
Public Funding                       41,926,158.91 
TOTAL EXPENSES                      117,264,870.80