The 4…uh 4-15 min shower timer

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgLike the rest of Brisbane (maybe even Queensland) we were issued with our 4 minute shower timer in an effort to get all households to use a maximum of 140L of water per person a day.

timer 003_small.jpg

This is all well and good…except it’s not the best “egg timer” in the world.  Not sure what they’ve done with the design, but I’ve seen it “clog up” on 3 separate occasions now..and you have to give it a little tap to restart.  This of course means your 4 min shower can easily become 15 as it’s hard to see the grains of sand falling in a steamy shower room..let alone notice that it’s blocked up.

So did I get a faulty one or are they all llike this?